Still scratching your head over the recent election results?

A one man social comedy show about how we got here, and where we want to go - by Sami Moukaddem

If you fancy an engaging original trip through the history of human development, if you are attracted to exploring the deeper aspects of our society in a humorous and down to earth fashion, then this show is for you.
It is not a stand up comedy, it’s not a play, and it’s not a lecture, but something in between.

It was originally written for the Lebanese who internalised the shame of the current situation. This adaptation expands the definition of “Lebanese” to include all members of the audience irrespective of where they were born, what passports they hold, and how long they have been living in Lebanon. (It also includes an instructive section on how to be the “Lebanese stereotype”).

The show is in two parts, the first part traces how we arrived here; a deeply corrupt political system, supported by those who keep voting for the same politicians who brought us to economic collapse. Sami uses his background in psychology to trace the evolution of human emotions from dinosaur times until now, and then contextualises our current situation within global politics by pointing to social and political dynamics that existed since recorded history.

The second part of the show asks not where are we going, but where do we want to go? It asks how societies that went through dark periods manage to retain their spirit. This is not the first time Lebanon goes through a dark period, yet there is still a unique soul to both Lebanon and its people.
This is not a light escapist comedy. It’s more of a trip with many detours into mind, spirit, culture, gender, Lebanese wackiness, and all that holds together our complex lives.

Sami’s background:
Sami is a Counselling Psychologist having worked with complex trauma. He is also a composer and a guitarist having released 6 albums under his name, he’s an author, a TEDx speaker, and has released a documentary on Palestine.
Sami was born in Lebanon in 1967, spent some time in Brazil, most of his teenage years during the Civil War in Lebanon, more than a quarter century in Ireland, then came back to Lebanon 7 years ago. Since then he’s been trying to make friends with his country of birth. This show is his attempt at reconciliation with Lebanon and humanity in general.

For further info about the show:

Interview with Sami on New TV (in Arabic):

3 shots clips from the show (in Arabic):

Sunday 22 May 2022
Doors open at 8:30 PM
Show starts at 9:00 PM

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Sound engineer: Lara Nassar
Stage technician: Ayad el Cheikh & Houssam
Light operator: Ahmad Hafez