Metro Al Madina & Save Beirut Heritage present:

Metrophone presents “Ferial Karim”.
In a fundraising event - the profits go to the NGO's projects.
Who is Save Beirut Heritage and why a fundraising?
Save Beirut Heritage is a volunteer-led NGO founded in 2010, dedicated to raising awareness and pushing for the protection of Beirut’s endangered built and urban heritage.

SBH is first a network of concerned citizens gathered on social media, which allows for the collective surveillance and monitoring of heritage buildings throughout the city. The group is also a partner of the General Directorate of Antiquities, acting as a whistle-blower whenever an illegal demolition is suspected. SBH also plans or takes part in diverse awareness operations, organizing seminars in schools, neighborhood tours or media campaigns. Regarding heritage in Beirut, SBH has become throughout the years a reference much cited in the press and media and sought-after by researchers and journalists.

Today, the group aims to become a lobbying group by directing a major part of its efforts in favor of the adoption of a long-awaited heritage law, and for the introduction of heritage zones within the zoning and masterplan of Beirut.

Therefore the fundraising event will support the NGO in conducting its awareness and advocacy activities within Beirut and especially the neighborhood of Hamra which holds a diverse urban fabric reflected by the diversity of its architecture. It is also more generally representative of the threatening situation faced by much of Beirut’s architectural heritage due to the rapid development of the area with little integration of its heritage value.


Why Metrophone?

Metrophone was born by bringing back forgotten yet significant music archives, bringing back the art, the lyrics and the tunes, that had long been eclipsed, in order to revive the Lebanese musical history.
The shows began with a tribute performance to the great Wadad, followed by a tribute to the famous Duo Jamal & Taroub and another of the departed Samir Yazbek & Mona Maraachli, to follow it the beautiful voice of Nour El Houda, and then came the talented composer, singer and Oud Player Halim El Roumi, to follow it the great Najah Salam.
As for this month, Metrophone is happy to present a tribute performance to Ferial Karim.

Yasmina Fayed: Vocals
Bashar Farran: Contrebasse
Samah Bou El Mona :Accordeon
Farah Kaddour: Buzuq
Ahmad el Khateeb: Percussion

Presenter: Hisham Jaber

مترو و جمعية Save beirut Heritage
متروفون يقدّم "فريال كريم"

في حفل تبرعي يعود ريعه لأعمال الجمعية ‎
متروفون هو استحضار لارشيف الاذاعة اللبنانية.
هو استحضار لوجهات فنية و تعبيرية و لحنية و كلامية ظلمت بالبث و التسويق و حُرمنا من تذوّقها و من استكمالها هو استحضار لجزء من التاريخ الغنائي اللبناني المنسي و المهمل بقصد او بدون قصد.
بدأنا الحفلات بأغاني للمطربة وداد، لننتقل من بعدها الى الديو الشهير جمال وطروب، ومن ثم الى الفنان الراحل سمير يزبك والصوت الكلثومي الرائع منى مرعشلي. إنتقلنا من بعدها إلى الكبيرة نور الهدى ومن ثم إلى الملحّن والمغنّي وعازف العود حليم الرومي، ومن بعده المطربة نجاح سلام.

شهر أيّار سيكون مخصص لفريال كريم.

ياسمينا فايد: غناء
بشّار فرّان: كونترباص
سماح بو المنى: أكورديون وكيبورد
فرح قدّور: بزق
أحمد الخطيب: إيقاع

مقدّم الحلقة: هشام جابر

انتاج مترو المدينة

الأربعاء 7 حزيران 2017
تفتح الأبواب الساعة 9:00 مساءً
يبدأ العرض الساعة 9:30 مساءً
البطاقة: 40$
Wednesday 7 June 2017
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Show starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: 40$

Produced by Metro Al Madina
Reservation is a must - Tickets available at Metro
Seats are assigned by Metro

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