Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Presents:
"A Moment of Bliss" a film by "House of Steep Productions"
The Story of Love and Hate between a country and its people.

The Movie Screening will be followed by a Discussion Panel around: LGBTQ Community in Lebanon. Status & Reality.
Thursday 2 December 2021
Doors open at 6:30 PM
Film starts at 7:00 PM
- Seats are limited
- Booking in advance is required
- Reserved tickets must be picked up from Metro Al Madina an hour before the event otherwise they are automatically canceled.
For many people, hearing the word Lebanon automatically translates to chaos, but the “Lebanon chaos” is different. It is an internal conflict of ideas and emotions which still includes these unique (rare) moments of (satisfaction) contentment we experience on simple occasions that don’t need much preparation, like a coffee with friends, a hike in nature, or a sunset at the beach. I like to describe these small moments that still surprise us as Moments of Bliss.

They somehow keep defying the external factors and events that have increasingly altered our lives, such as the recent economic collapse and the explosion at the heart of the capital.

Few seconds summarize the love-hate relationship between a country and its people. A country with sectarian divisions, socioeconomic insecurity, rights violations, and disregard for its residents… Caught in between what is and what could be, life has become an emotional rollercoaster.

This is not a journey to uncover the culprits of Lebanon’scrisis but rather to meet people experiencing this rollercoaster ride, with the hope that through them, we would be able to define this Moment of Bliss and recognized whether it is just an illusion and a coping mechanism, or a palpable reality that gives this country a unique charm which must be shown and shared with the people who haven’t yet experienced Lebanon.