«'A vita è suonno»
Pasquale Porciello Album Launch

Thursday 26 May 2022
Doors open at 8:30 PM
Concert starts at 9:00 PM

«Life is a dream» is an original concept-album written entirely in the Neapolitan language and recorded in Beirut.
The central idea is the process of identification and achievement of the Self and takes its cue from the initiatory work of Calder?n de la Barca, from which it also takes its title. The work questions dogmatic positivism, the cult of technique, a self-referential rationalism unaware of its limit.
A journey in search of oneself and the discovery of the world, which tells of the fundamental feelings and relationships of existence: the fear of taking the wrong path, the fragmentation, the false friendship, the misunderstood love, the separation, the profound forgiveness of oneself and the other. And then again: the night and the rebirth, and finally the encounter with the soul.
The recordings were made live in the studio with all the musicians, with the intention of bringing back a musical moment not definitive but natural, a music while it is happening and not artificially constructed.
Pa?qà is a grammar mistake, an exception to the rule. The «?» borrowed from the phonetic alphabet stands for the Neapolitan pronunciation of the «s» of the name Pasquale.
The project «'A vita è suonno» is realized in collaboration and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut
For more: https://sostieni.link/31074

Vocals: Paʃqà
Classic guitar: Paʃqà
Double bass: Makram Aboul Hosn
Tenor and soprano sax, piano: Nidal Abou Samra
Flute and duduk: Kevork Kechichian
Cello: Jana Semaan
Violin: Ihab Jamal
Compositions, arrangements, lyrics

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Sound engineer: Lara Nassar
Stage technician: Ayad el Cheikh & Houssam Bahmad
Light operator: Ahmad Hafez