Anwar Bizri Live at Metro
Wednesday 27 December 2017
Doors open at 8:30 PM
Concert starts at 9:00 PM
Ticket: 25$ + 1 Drink


Line-up of groovy musical guests to be announced soon: stay tuned!


“What separates truth from illusion in the black canvas of night? Somewhere along your quest for meaning, lurking in a vacuum of soul and body, you have replaced your true self with a vessel of social construct .You are a nomad. We are all nomads. Homeless souls. You wander aimlessly. Why? In the name of reality? In the name of insatiable demands and fleeting desire? Surely there is something grander. Surely the night lights from a distance are real. Surely there is a promised land beyond them. A land ruled by dreams and pure existence; a land where we laugh at what the “reality” we once knew.
The only true meaning you will find of life is an understanding of self. There is no other meaning; no magical revelation at the end of the white light. There is only lucid perception of self, dream, and role. In that order.
Through the blackness of a dark reality lies the flickering night light of a dream. Follow your dream. You will only succeed. Failure does not exist in this Promised Land. Walk towards the night lights and, in the world of spirits and souls, the only actual reality, you have already succeeded. You were never a nomad. We never were. Do not expire in a fake world of cruel delusions and manufactured ideals. Do not surrender to the darkening night. The lights are always beckoning your true existence. Awakening your soul. Calling for your part. Calling for action. You are the night lights. You are the dream. Believe in yourself. Believe in your role. Follow the meaning within you. Follow the dream. Follow the night lights,”


This is how Anwar Bizri describes the space from which he writes his music today: the space from which he is writing the songs on his upcoming EP “Night Lights”.


Anwar Bizri is a Lebanese singer/songwriter. After years of hiding behind the need for stability and security, last year, Anwar decided to embark on a musical journey and abandon all else, to follow his dreams: to “follow the night lights”. Throughout a year saturated with stimulating milestones and resonating performances (The Voice US auditions final stage, experimenting with performances in Beirut, back and forth to the studio in NY recording different sounds), Anwar has been developing his original sound and working towards his EP debut. Described as “A raw, honest, melancholic indie sound with a poignant piano forefront and a deep electro-acoustic production”, Anwar’s first single is set to be released at the beginning of January 2018. To continue his path towards releasing his full EP “Night Lights”, Anwar is launching his crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo around Christmas time and will be unveiling the first single in a debut performance at Metro El Madina on Wednesday Dec. 27.


Other musical guests you love will be performing throughout the night; we’ll give you the whos and whats very soon.


Ready for goosebumps and head-bobs? Cool. Join us for a drink, a cry, a laugh, a dance, whatever floats your boat on December 27.


Reservation is a must - Tickets available at Metro
Seats are assigned by Metro
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