The drowning of Venus flooded the lands with wet
frequencies, leaving barren grounds thirsty for moisture.

Live Electronic Music
Toni Geitani (Live)
Ziad Moukarzel (Live)
Reeda Fneiche (Visuals)

Friday September 20th
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Concert starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: 25,000 L.L.

Half Seated Half Standing event

20% discount for students upon showing the ID

Tickets available at Metro & All Librairie Antoine branches.
Seats are assigned by Metro.
Food and beverage not included in ticket price

البطاقات متوفرة في مترو ومكتبة أنطوان
الاماكن تحدد من قبل مترو
سعر البطاقة لا يتضمّن الأكل والمشروب‎

Toni Geitani is a music producer, singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and sound designer born in Beirut. He completed his bachelor degree in filmmaking and graduated with his film “The Leaves Will Bury” in 2015. He received Ashkal Alwan's grant "Video Works" in 2017 and made his film “The Disappearance of Goya” which received the best international short or medium-length film award in the 21st edition of RIDM. Through this process, he delved deeper into the art of sound and proceeded to work on several projects as a sound designer and music composer. Exploring the experimental scene, he got interested in electronic music, analogue, and digital sounds present in our environment nowadays. In 2018, Toni released his debut music album titled "Al Roujoou Ilal Qamar” that consists of experimental electronic music with Arabic vocals initiated by improvising with synthesizers, drum machines, vocals, and lyrics.

Music producer, lecturer, DJ and studio manager, Beirut born Ziad Moukarzel worked in TV and Cinema putting music and audio as a side job until he couldn't take it anymore. His interest in electronic music as well as music technology has pushed him to actively follow online workshops, read and research more into music and quit visual media in 2016, to become a founding and active partner at Woodwork Sound Studio in Lebanon, where he produces, mixes and masters local and international artists. As a live electronic artist and DJ, he played different local venues and festivals. He also collaborated with different musicians and artists. In the studio, he is known to have a keen ear on both the artist’s need and the sound, finding the best solutions that give balanced, quality sounding outputs, with no restriction to the creative freedom. Moukarzel also organizes electronic music workshops and synths meets around Beirut.

Born and raised in Beirut, Reeda Fneiche is currently a student pursuing film studies at the Lebanese University, IBA2. Ever since she was young, her passion for cinema, theatre, music, and literature pushed her to always attend workshops, research, and eventually turn it into her career. Studying cinema and experimenting with the medium broadened her perspective on the audiovisual culture and technique which made her lenient towards straying away from the mainstream approach of filmmaking, to work on unconventional methods of poeticism and philosophy through image and sound. She is currently collaborating with Toni Geitani on creating visuals for his musical performances, making a music video, and is also in the process of writing and directing her first film