Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival is an annual festival aiming to create a common ground for musicians from the region and the world to meet and share expertise, different expressions, and to gain inspiration from culture, traditions and modernity.

Music lovers will enjoy different genres of music in different aspects; for 4 consecutive nights, in 6 different venues, more then 14 acts and 40 artists will be showcasing their music. From contemporary oriental tunes to the Afro and hip-hop beats, passing by Jazz, rock, electronic…

For its second night . Metro Al Madina will be hosting the festival for 2 sets :

Set 1 :
8:00 PM

TrygveSeimachieved success as a jazz saxophonist, with his own ensemble but also as a sideman in other artists’ groups.
Trygve has studied saxophone at the jazz conservatory in Trondheim, along with composition with TerjeBjørklund, Bertil Palmar Johansen, Edward Vesala and Bjørn Kruse.
He released 9 popular records on ECM, the renowned German label.
Winner of the German records critics prize “Jahrespreis – Presi der DeuchtenSchallplattenkritik” for his debut album in 2001, Trygve is now touring with his ensemble, and as a duet with FrodeHaltli, with whom he will be performing in the BBIMF.

Trygveand Frodewill host during their performance in Beirut & Beyond, as a special guest appearance the renowned Lebanese singer Oumeima El Khalil.

Line up: TrygveSeim (Saxophone), FrodeHaltli (Accordeon)


Set 2 :
Jagwa Music
9:00 PM
Shall we call this "Afro-punk" because of the DIY attitude and the creative use of noise and distortion? Or shall we refer to minimal or trance music? To the connection with any socially conscious Western musical tradition (from rock to hip hop)? Or shall we simply welcome the advent of one of the most exciting bands from Dar Es Salam, and enjoy their exhilarating combination of pure energy, dazzling virtuosity and great showmanship?
Jagwa Music emerged in 1992 and is now the leading exponent of the Mchiriku style, which originated twenty years ago in the poor suburbs of Dar es Salaam.
With cheap Casio keyboards, vintage amps but great musicians, charismatic lead vocalist and songs relating to every day’s issues, Jagwa Music has a large following around Dar Es Salam. Many of their lines became proverbial and you can see quotes from their songs painted as slogans on the local daladala bus taxi.

Line up: Jackson AlutaKazimoto “Jackie” vocals; ShukuruPonza “Daliki”kinanda, vijiti; SalehHija “Diploma”kinanda, vijiti; Abdalla Said “Mazinge”msondo; Abdalla Mohamed “TP”dumbaki; Mzee Rashid “Show”rika, chekeche

Friday 6th of December
Event Starts at 8:00 pm

Ticket : 15 $