Naima Shalhoub is a Lebanese American artist who uses music as a tool for transformation, liberation, education and self-expression. Her dimensional work as a vocalist, composer, performing artist, and educator focuses on the expansive quality of the voice and its power for redemption and social justice. In May of 2014, Naima combined her passion for music, social justice, and education by facilitating weekly “Music and Freedom” sessions with incarcerated women at the San Francisco County Jail. The program was such a success that, a year later, she recorded her debut album, Live in San Francisco County Jail, in front of an audience of those same incarcerated women, many of whom participated in the performance. Since then Naima has been on a musical journey embodied by a deep belief in the power of music and song as vessels for freedom and healing.


Naima has just finished recording her upcoming EP, Borderlands, and is currently in Lebanon to release it in light of her greater mission, to connect with individuals and local/regional organizations that are at the frontier of transformative justice and social reform.


Other than her EP Release Event at Metro Al Madina on October 24th, in support of, Naima is co-hosting a series of music and talk related events, with Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World - IWSAW, Catharsis - Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy, and The Submarine.




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|| October 17 ||


A Panel Discussion and Q&A - hosted by the Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World - IWSAW


Time || 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Place || Room 903 Business Building at the Lebanese American University - LAU
Ticket || Free of charge


Panelists || Co-Founder of Nadya Mikdashi, Founder of Catharsis - Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy Zeina Daccache - زينة دكاش and Naima Shalhoub
Moderator || Director of Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World - IWSAW Dr. Lina Abirafeh


Attend the Talk to find out more about what these change-makers do for change, and what they have to say about “Systems of Control and Spaces of Hope”.

|| October 19 ||


A talk about "navigating the challenges we face as creators" and Q&A, followed by a live-acoustic musical experience in the garden featuring Naima Shalhoub and special guests - hosted by The Submarine


Time || 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. *** 9:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Place || The Submarine
Ticket || 10,000 L.L. for sale at the door day of event


Talk || by Naima Shalhoub
Performances || Naima Shalhoub and special guests Anwar Bizri Page and more (to be announced)


Attend the event if you’re looking for some inspiration and hope, good raw acoustic musical vibes, pizza by the slice and a good beer.

|| October 24 ||


Naima's Borderlands EP Release Event in support of Lebanese Addictions Center - hosted by Metro Al Madina

Time || 9:00 - 12:00 p.m.
Place || Metro Al Madina
Ticket || 20$ including 1 free beer (some proceeds from the event will be allocated to Skoun’s drug policy programs) - stay tuned find out more!


Performances || Naima Shalhoub accompanied by a band feat. Christopher Ibrahim (on keyboards/piano) and طنجرة ضغط - Tanjaret Daghet band members Tarek Khuluki (on electric guitar) Khaled Omran (on electric base) and Dani Shukri (on drums)


Surprise guest/s to be announced!


Attend the event if you believe in Naima’s mission, are a fan of her new EP ( and would like to support Skoun’s massive efforts on the drug policy front!




Naima and the partnering institutions believe in the power of communal change and collaborations, and thus they have launched the campaign "What do you do for change?" #NAMENA to highlight the importance of encouraging people who make a difference and combining efforts to create change. This facebook event page serves as a hub for the campaign, and the to go to platform to find out more about all upcoming events!


Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center, is a non-profit organization and the first outpatient therapeutic facility in Lebanon that offers prevention and treatment to drug users. Skoun aims to help people with addiction problems claim their lives by providing a nonjudgmental and caring environment of client-centered treatment and counseling. They deliver the tools and information necessary to reduce the harm caused by drug use and they advocate for drug policy change, increased public awareness and education regarding addiction. Skoun is committed to bringing life, health and hope to drug users and their families through a sustainable treatment model for Lebanon and the Arab region. Skoun is based on an ethical, non-judgmental, holistic approach, with primary concern for patient individuality, confidentiality and integrity. #NAMENA


Catharsis - Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy is the first Drama Therapy center in Lebanon and in the Arab Region. It is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 operating under the direction of Registered Drama Therapist, Zeina Daccache - زينة دكاش. Catharsis promotes and offers therapeutic actions through the use of theater and art processes for individuals and groups of all ages.​ It offers services and programs in various social, educational and therapeutic settings such as substance abuse treatment centers, prisons, mental health facilities, hospitals, schools, theaters and corporations. Also at its private practice clinic, Catharsis provides therapy for individuals and groups who wish to explore various life problems and expand their quality of life, using the healing power of drama and the expressive arts. #NAMENA


Metro Al Madina is an independent theatre company based in Beirut, Lebanon with the aim to provide a stage where all kinds of scenic arts can flourish, promoting a culture of diversity and openness. The platform has shown great support to local and regional rising talents, and continues to do so, offering hope and opportunity to the growing art and music scenes. #NAMENA

The Submarine is a co-working and event space, embracing startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to be part of a design-inspired community - offering a platform for inspiration, collaboration, and communal growth for individuals and teams who are striving for more. #NAMENA


If you’re in Lebanon in October, keep a look out for Naima’s events and attend as many as you can :)

If you’re not around get involved online! Every person can make a difference - small or big, it all leads to positive change!

If you’ve made a difference, share your story and #NAMENA
If you haven’t, yet believe in this wave of communal change, share your thoughts and #NAMENA


Follow Naima’s journey with the partners across Lebanon - more info will be available very soon!


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