Dance workshop exploring the concept of masculinity in Flamenco, inspired by avant-guarde flamenco dancer Vicente Escudero's theories (see text below).

Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23
From 3 to 6 pm
At Metro Al Madina
With Yalda Younes
Participation fee: 50$
Open to all genders of all levels
Info & Registration:

Decalogue of Vicente Escudero (1892-1980)

1- Dance as a man.
2- Sobriety.
3- Turn the wrist from inside out, with fingers close together.
4- Dance with stability and calmness (straight, serious and formal). Dance as Art.
5- Hips still.
6- Harmony of feet, arms and head
7- Aesthetics and plastic, without mystifications (trick, ruse, fraud).
8- Style and accent.
9- Dance with traditional attire. (Always when performing repertoire dances; but when interpreting contemporary pieces, it is no use to wear ruffles and high waist pants).
10- Obtain a variety of sounds from the heart, without putting nails on the shoes, using fake settings or other accessories.
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