Film nights at Metro
With MC Distribution
Monday 4 March 2024
State of Agitation (Elie Khalife) 1hr 13 min
Screening starts: 7:30 PM
Doors open: 7 PM
Fee: 5$
Offer: Watch 2 films in 1 night= 7$
ليالي الأفلام في مترو
الإثنين ٤ آذار ٢٠٢٤
قلتلّك خلص
فيلم ل ايلي خليفة
٧٥ دقيقة
يبدأ الفيلم: ٧:٣٠ مساءً
تفتح الأبواب: ٧ مساءً
About the film
State of Agitation
Director: Elie Khalife
Producers: Elie Khalife, Mahmoud Korek, Nicolas Khabbaz, Antoine Khalife
Production Company: Taxi Films, The Post Office, Sunnyland Film
Marwa Khalil, Stephanie Atala, Talal Jurdi, Fadi Abi Samra, Rawan Halawi, Raywa El Chab, Elie Khalife, Georges Kehdi, Tarek Tamim, Ziad Seiabe, Reina Jabbour, Michelle Aoun
Living in Beirut adjacent to a highway ramp, a highly enthusiastic filmmaker is in a state of hyper inspiration characterized by an overflow of contrasting ideas. As a consequence, his characters will go through compelling and extraordinary circumstances. To clear his mind, he heads north where a screening of his short films is scheduled in a rural public school. A series of encounters along the way will turn his world upside down.
Metro Al Madina
Aresco building, -1, Justinian street, Clemenceau, Hamra, Beirut
Ticketing: +961-76309363
Wheelchair access available upon request