Metro Al Madina presents: Hishik Bishik Show

From the weddings and the Cabarets of Egypt in the early 1900s: 10 artists, musicians, singers, actors and dancers take us back to that golden age.

Ziad El Ahmadiye: Music Arrangement | Vocals & Oud
Yasmina Fayed: Vocals
Ziad Jaafar: Violin | Vocals
Bahaa Daou: Percussions
Samah Abi El Mona: Accordion
Lina Sahab: Vocals
Roy Dib: Vocals
Wissam Dalati: Vocals
Randa Makhoul: Oriental Dancer

Hisham Jaber: Artistic Director
Wissam Dalati: Costume Designer
Nadim Saoma: Visuals and Light Design
Jawad Chaaban: Sound Designer
Elia El Haddad: Sound Engineer
Lara Nassar: Stage manager and Light operator
Iyad Cheikh: Stage Technician
Hagop Jinbashian: Stage Technician
Sarah Nohra: Production Manager
Gaelle Khalifeh: Assistant Production
Iyad Cheikh: Technician
Lara Nohra: Marketing
Poster Designer: Regina Semaan

Doors open at 9:00 pm
Show starts at 9:30 pm
Ticket: 30$
Tickets on sale at Metro Al Madina & Librairie Antoine
Reservation is a must, seats are limited
Seats are assigned by Metro