LIVE at Metro Al Madina

Middle Eastern Avant-Pop Music Wa Akhawatoha

with Tarek khuluki on electronics
Featuring Dance and Visuals

Khansa/خنسا teams up with Mohamad Zahzah for an eclectic live concert performance shaped by vocals, dance, experimentation, and an electronic sonic journey.

The performance depicts the behavioral and emotional development of identity, from existing, to crossing a threshold, to intimacy, interactions, physical freedom and transcendence.
The set includes modern twists on classic arabic songs by Oum Kalthoum, Riad El Sunbati & Mohamad Abdul wahab, presented in an unconventional way, along with original work written by Khansa and Zahzah from the upcoming extended playlist.

Vocal Performance: Khansa/ خنسا

Music by Mohamad Zahzah.

Dance Artists: Wafa Bouty, Dorad Jadiba, Fadi Giha & Freddy Yshouh.

Visuals by VENUS.
Costumes by Reem Hamed
Light design by Mizyed Azrai

Performance is in Arabic language.

About the Artists

Khansa/خنسا is a Beirut based contemporary performing artist merging multiple disciplines into one on stage and in video. He is A singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, and visual composer whose style draws on a wide range of influences, genres, and topics. Mohamad Zahzah is an aspiring composer, music producer and audio engineer whose productions are a variety of styles within the electronic genre. Zahzah Blends his music seamlessly with traditional oriental creating a journey away from boundaries of style. Khansa has recently released his collaboration with Mohamad Zahzah, an electronic remake of Mohamad Abdul Wahab’s “Khayef A2oul Elli Fi Albi” directed by Mohammad Sabbah.

Sunday 10 September 2017
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Show starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: 25.000 L.L