Lighting Design WORKSHOP
Conducted By: Alaa Minawi

Workshop Target:
The workshop aims at:
- Having a better knowledge in lighting design for live theater (just switched their places) performances (concerts/ fashion shows/ dance performances) and installations.
- Discussing the importance of lighting design in the creation process.
- Discussing some clues in how the lighting design is approached conceptually.
- Implementation of a design made by the participating group

Target Applicants:
Target applicants vary from Professionals, students, to beginners. This workshop can help beginners in understanding light design and its process. It can also be an inspiration for professionals in giving a new insight/ view to light design.

Workshop Duration:
Friday March 23rd from 12pm till 3pm
Saturday March 24th from 12pm till 3pm
Monday March 26th from 12pm till 4pm
Tuesday March 27th from 12pm till 4pm

Workshop Details:
The Workshop will be in two forms: theoretical and practical:

The Theoretical form:
The history of lighting design in theatre, how it started and evolved. Explaining the kinds of light projectors and the difference between them. Talking about the ways a director would think in dealing with lights, the interaction between the director and the lighting designer in the creation process, Getting texts, music, paintings and thinking of them in terms of lights. Light as an element as its own, its metaphysical presence and the rise of light installations.

The Practical form:
Demonstrating the light projectors; each applicant or group of applicants will have time to do a small lighting design project.

Workshop Language:
It is possible that the language be in Arabic or English depending on the applicants’ background and preference.
Depending on the applicants' background and preference, the workshop can be given in both Arabic and English.

200.000 L.L.
Student discount 150.000L.L.

About Alaa minawi:
visual artist... since 2006, he has worked in more than 300 performances in Lebanon and the Arab world as a lighting designer, technical director, and performer. He collaborated with many renowned artists.

He participated in several local and international theatre workshops and joined many festivals in Kuwait, UAE , Bahrain, Qatar, and USA.

He was the technical supervisor for Babel theatre in 2010 where he proposed a revolutionary plan to improve the theatre’s technical aspects. In 2011 he supervised the technical process of creating a new dance space in Beirut (maqamat dance house)
in 2012 he was the technical advisor for the creation of a new theatre space (Babel Studio)

Alaa has a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University (LAU)
He has a certificate to train in lighting design from RADA (Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts) after attending lighting design training of trainees workshop in light design in 2009
He is currently pursuing his MA in Scenography and design in HKU, The Netherlands

He was nominated for Best light Art Award by Darc, London, UK (2017)
His work was registered in Unesco's International Year of Light (2015)
He is a professional member in the Association of Light Designer (ALD)

since 2010, alaa started experimenting with light sources in an attempt to understand their influence on stage and the surrounding that led to a group of installations.

- 2012 a piano in my pillow a light & sound performance in collaboration with vladimir kurumilian
- 2013 beyond myself an installation presented in amsterdam light festival
- 2014 my light is your light an installation that has toured in 10 countries and still continuing its world tour
- 2016 the bride an installation presented in Beirut

Recently he started a series of experimentations relating light to music, history, and space and is commissioned for light installations in China and Romania

facebook page:



To apply
Kindly send your name and phone number to
Also share if you have any previous experience in light and kindly send a small brief on what you're expecting from this workshop.

Kindly register and proceed with the payment before the first day of the workshop.

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بإدارة علاء ميناوي

اكتساب معرفة أفضل في تصميم الإضاءة للمسرح والعروض المسرحية
مناقشة أهمية تصميم الإضاءة خلال العمل والتجهيز للعرض
مناقشة علاقة الإضاءة بالمفاهيم والأفكار المسرحية

المتقدمين يمكن أن يكونوا مبتدئين مهتمين أن يتعاملوا مع الضوء بطريقة مختلفه أو محترفين يبحثون عن وجهة نظر إضافيه للضوء أو على طرق قد تكون ملهمه لأعمالهم

تفاصيل الورشة
سوف تتضمن الورشة ناحيتين: الناحية النظرية والناحية العملية

الناحية النظرية
لمحة تاريخية عن تصميم الإضاءة، كيف بدأت وتطورت. شرح عن أنواع الإضاءة المستعملة والفرق بينها وكيفية تفكير المخرج بتصميم الإضاءة والتفاعل بين المخرج ومصمم الإضاءة خلال عملية بناء العمل الفني. الاستحصال على نصوص، موسيقى، رسومات، والتفكير فيها من ناحية الضوء
والحديث عن صعود التجهيزات الضوئية

الناحية العملية
عرض عملي لأنواع الإضاءة. كل متقدّم سوف يقوم يتصميم عمل إضاءة صغيرة

اللغة المستعلمة في الورشة
هناك احتمال استخدام اللغة العربية أو الإنكليزية بناءً على ما يفضله مجموع المتقدمين

رسم التسجيل
200,000 L.L. --------
150,000 L.L. -------- للطلاب

تاريخ ومكان الورشة
نهار الخميس 22 آذار ( 12 ظهرًا حتى ال3 )
نهار الجمعة 23 آذار ( 12 ظهرًا حتى ال3 )
نهار الاثنين 26 آذار ( 12 ظهرًا حتى ال4 )
نهار الثلاثاء 27 آذار ( 12 ظهرًا حتى ال4 )

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