Contemporary Brazilian popular music in Metro
Lívia Nestrovski (Voice) & Fred Ferreira (Electric Guitar) (BRAZIL)


Friday 20 October 2017
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Concert starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: 20$


About the Duo:
Emerging as the new generation of Brazil’s jazz and experimental artists, the duo formed by Lívia Nestrovski (voice) and Fred Ferreira (electric guitar) covers a range of classic and contemporary music in their own exquisite way. They have toured the US, France, Portugal, Estonia, Chech Republic, Germany and Colombia. Moving away from traditional means of interpretation, their arrangements simultaneously recollect and modernize a sophisticated repertoire through the intimist yet powerfurl expressivity of a duet formation. Kurt Weill, Zé Miguel Wisnik, Luiz Tatit, Milton Nascimento and music from a new generation of Brazilian composers are placed side by side with classical composers such as Benjamin Britten and Maurice Ravel, tracing unusual narratives between contemporary Brazilian songs and songs from other parts of the World and other periods in time.


The album DUO (2013) is the result of this process, and has not only been welcomed with a warm critical acclaim, but also found its way into the international market. For composer Tom Zé, the song Jogral is the highlight of an album that is “very fortunate in its choices”. As for songwriter and professor Luiz Tatit, the repertoire was chosen “in fact according to the yield of each song. And all 10 of them are justified by the originality of the arrangements. It is difficult to single out one or another. They all came to say something. But Youkali is one of the best performances I’ve ever heard in my life.” The album has been pointed out as bold, innovative and dashing by different critical reviews, and the duo has been featured in many important radio and TV shows. In 2014, they released their first video-clip, made in partnership with award-winning Dutch artist Oerd van Cuijlenborg for the song “Jogral”.

In 2016 they were music directors and wrote all arrangements for a project called “Women of the 1990s”, which united Ceumar, Fabiana Cozza and Mônica Salmaso, three of the most important singers of their generation in Brazil. They also toured Europe for 45 days, participating in festivals such as Óbidos International Literary Festival (FOLIO), in Portugal, and Jazzkaar, in Estonia. Ever since, they count on precious partnerships with prestigious fashion designers Virginia Barros and Ronaldo Fraga, the latter having been singled out as one of the seven most innovating designers in the World by the Design Museum in London in 2014.


In 2017, they performed twice in the US, in New York, Chicago and California, and over the year will be touring 12 cities around Brazil (some of them with very little access to cultural facilities) through SESC Nacional, with a special project, “As Línguas das Canções” (“The Languages of Song”), which brings as main theme the different accents and cultural influences of the Brazilian language throughout the depths of the country’s territory. | fb/LiviaNestrovskiEFredFerreira | instagram: @duoliviafred


Tickets available at Metro & All Librairie Antoine branches.
Food & Drink is available
Seats are assigned by Metro