Mancopy Dance Company (dk) & Metro al Madina present

MadMoiselle goes to Beirut


A production management workshop by Stephane Noel (SZ/DE)
Monday 1 December 2014 | 5-10pm | Metro al Madina, Hamra | Fee: 70USD

As producer and curator, Stephane will share his long experience in the performing arts sector. From drafting a budget to considering the market and applying for funding, developing an art project will be approached from every angle. Whether you are a stage producer, art manager or an artist yourself, you will leave this workshop with practical tools in your hands to help you make your project happen.

Contemporary dance/performance workshop by Marie-Caroline Hominal (SZ/FR)
Wednesday 3rd till Friday 6th December | 7-10pm | Sunflower theatre, Tayyoune | Fee: 110USD

Starting with a physical training to get your bodies ready, Marie-Caroline will then work on the thematic of portrait and shifting identities. Using different mediums such as voice, text, movement and music, you will be taken onto a journey where you will explore different physical states and transformation processes. Whether you’re a dancer, actor, performer or writer, bring some clothes, some props, some shoes and don’t forget your body.

Music workshop by Samuel Pajand (FR)
Friday 5 December 2014 | 2-10pm | Sunflower theatre, Tayyoune | Fee: 80USD

If you are a musician open to improvisation and interested in creating music for a live performance, bring your instrument and join Samuel. It is an introduction to the use of some basic tools and techniques like microphones, mixing tables and Ableton Live software in order to create a performing soundscape.
The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to the recording of improvised music and the second part to its performative use in space and with live performers.

Friday 5 December 2014 | 9:30pm-10:00pm | Sunflower theatre, Tayyoune | Free entrance

Artists who have worked with Marie-Caroline and those who have worked with Samuel will be invited to work together on Friday 5th. Musicians and performers will together create a short presentation that will be open to the public.

A Contemporary Dance Installation by Marie-Caroline Hominal (SZ)
Saturday 6 December 2014 | 6-10pm |Metro al Madina, Hamra | Tickets: 20 000LBP

« Why do you do this? I Don’t know. For you probably, because I love you. You love me? Yes. Can I marry you? Only for one hour? That’s not possible, I am not for sale. I don’t want to buy you, but just be with you. Can I be with you then? No […] Right now I am posing by the pop machine. »

By juxtaposing a self-fabricated interview and her posing body, for four hours straight, Marie Caroline puts reality and the everyday attitude of the projected character at odds with the stylistic and mechanic physicality of the live character.

Credits :
Installation by and with: Marie-Caroline Hominal (SZ/FR)
Videos « No title » & « No title II » by Marie-Caroline Hominal
Image and sound by Clive Jenkins
Production: MadMoiselle MCH – Genève


Marie-Caroline Hominal (SZ/FR)

Trained as a dancer at the Schweizerische Ballettberufschule in Zürich and then at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London, where she joined the National Youth Dance Company, Marie-Caroline has been dancing for different companies since 1998 (Tanztheater Basel, Blanca Li, Gisèle Vienne, Gilles Jobin, La Ribot and Marco Berrettini). She was a guest performer for Human Writes by William Forsythe and B.O.B by Dick Wong. She also regularly develops artistic collaborations with other artists such as François Chaignaud (with whom she created Duchesses in 2009), Clive Jenkins, Cristian Vogel, Kim Boninsegni, David Hominal, Delphine Coindet et Samuel Pajand (with whom she formed the duo SilverGold). Her choreographies and performances are mostly solos or duets, Froufrou being her first group piece. She works with different mediums: text, music, dance, performance and video and signs her projects under several pseudonyms (MCH, Silver, Fly Girl, MadMoiselle MCH). She currently creates one-to-one performances: Hôtel Oloffson where she receives her guest in a hotel room, or Le triomphe de la renommée where the spectator is received in the theatre’s dressing room.

Stephane Noel (SZ/DE)
Born in Switzerland and living in Berlin, Stéphane Noël has worked in the fields of music (Fri-Son, Velma), contemporary dance (Gilles Jobin, La Ribot) and cinema (Le Bourg in Lausanne), before he co-directed the multidisciplinary Belluard festival from 2004 to 2007. He has been dedicating his time to producing artists as well as curating exhibitions and concerts (La Gaîté lyrique, Paris, for which he is the Berlin correspondent). He is now active as a producer for choreographer Marie-Caroline Hominal as well as a t-shirt curator for Theaterformen festival. Stéphane Noël sat on the advisory board of IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts/Brussels) and currently collaborates to the European Lab - the platform dedicated to cultural entrepreneurship launched by Arty Farty, which takes place during Nuits Sonores festival in Lyons. He is now teaming up with Paul Hossfeld to share his extensive experience as a producer along with his tour management expertise and his countless partners across the European continent.

Samuel Pajand (FR)

After audio-visual studies at the university of Brest, Samuel worked as a technician at the Ménagerie de Verre in 2000. He created sound for works by Judith Depaule, Gildas Milin, Joachim Latarjet, Vincent Macaigne… He is a member of the company MELKPROD./Marco Berettinni since 2006, and collaborates regularly with Claudia Triozzi, Marta Izquierdo and Marie-Caroline Hominal. He founded with Fred Costa a music duo more or less improvised, low complexity. With Marco Berretini he attempted a music duo more or less pop Summer Music, he is an active member of the group more or less punk Marta & the psycho son’s.

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