Metal United World Wide is a community project for the Metal World. There will be shows all over the world on 5 May 2018 - metal shows in the same night under the same banner. A night of united metal! \m/

Presented By:
Black-Roos Entertainment In Association with Metal Bell Magazine

METAL United World Wide - Beirut, Lebanon

At Metro Al Madina On May 5, 2018

Slave To Sirens (Thrash/Death Metal)
Divulgent (Experimental / Groove Metal)
Prominence (Death Metal)
Avelyntale (Female Fronted, Symphornic Metal) *First Appearance*
Gorilla warefar (Heavy Metal) *First Appearance*

Entrance Fee: 20,000 L.L.

Organized by: SledgeHammer Productions

Be There, Be Many and

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