Rita Barotta
‘My Favorite Things’
Tuesday 23 August 2016
‘Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
silver white winters that melt into springs,
these are a few of my favorite things’
(Julie Andrews, Sound of Music)
What happens when you are all alone in your room, and no one is really watching?
What games would you play? What character would you become?
Between the mischievous, the mysterious, the kind hearted and the down-right nasty, this concert is all about slick, cat-like movement and playfulness:
Jazzy, bluesy, Samba-like, Retro-ish, the Sabah extravaganza, the Rock-pop dance floor luminous atmosphere…
And me.
And you.
Let’s play!
غناء: ريتا باروتا
الثلاثاء 23 آب 2016
تفتح الأبواب الساعة 9:00 مساءً
تبدأ الحفلة الساعة 9:30 مساءً
البطاقة: 25.000 ل.ل
Rita Barotta: Vocals
Rani battikh: bass guitar
Gio najarian: drums
Shant bajac: guitar
Photo Credit: Issa Moussa / Photography
Issa Moussa
Seats are assigned by Metro - تحدّد الأماكن من قبل مترو
Poster design:
Sound engineer: Jawad Chaaban
Stage manager & light operator: Lara Nassar
Stage technician: Nabil Abou el Heijaa
Metro Al Madina
Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2)
Twitter/Instagram/facebook : Metro Al Madina
Ticketing Phone: +961-76309363 (Mondays to Saturdays: 10 to 9 pm, Sundays: 2 to 9 pm)
Wheelchair access available upon request