Safar and Filter Happier LIVE at Metro
Monday 26 December 2016
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Concert starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: 20.000 L.L
Joining forces for a double-bill, Safar and Filter Happier will be performing back-to-back at Metro for the first time. The concerts will be wrapped with music selections by Ziad Naufal and Fadi Tabbal.
Ruptured will be releasing Safar's new LP "In Transit" as part of the night's festivities.
*Can you hear the distant roar of excitement*
Safar is a Lebanese duo founded in 2013 by Mayssa Jallad (vocals, various percussion) and Elie Abdelnour (acoustic and electric guitars, bass). Their music has been described as "a very personal take on American and British psychedelic folk, infused with modern pop and rock references, as well as subtle references to the Lebanese golden age of 60's surf."
They are furthermore accompanied by their producer Fadi Tabbal on electric guitar, synthesizers and beats during live performances.
The band possesses a strong and widespread following in Lebanon, gathered over the years thanks to a number of intimate performances marked by singer Jallad’s emotional vocal delivery and Abdelnour's intricate guitar work.
They have been recently signed to Beirut's indie label Ruptured and are releasing their LP "In Transit" at Metro on December 26th. The LP is a compilation of their first three EPs "23 Kilograms", "Carry-On" and "Gate 03".
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Filter Happier (formerly known as Banana Elephant) is a five-piece band formed in Beirut in 2013, consisting of Elie Abdelnour (bass), Camille Cabbabé (guitar), Elie El Khoury (drums), Georgy Flouty (guitar and vocals), and Ada Harb (vocals and keys).
The band started out by playing acoustic covers around Beirut, and made its debut in the music scene as part of the Beirut Wave Two Collective, recording their first single ‘Dust’ as part of the Wave Two compilation. Their sound has since evolved into a blend of dream pop, art rock, and post rock, combining pop melodies with shoe gaze-inspired soundscapes and textures.
The band released their debut EP ’Trying to Rush Everything' in the summer of 2016. It was produced by Fadi Tabbal and recorded at Tunefork Studios.
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Seats are assigned by Metro
Sound engineer: Jawad Chaaban
Stage manager & light operator: Lara Nassar
Metro Al Madina
Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2)
Twitter/Instagram/facebook : Metro Al Madina
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