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SANAM - Aykathani Malakon Album Release at Metro al Madina

Saturday 26th August 2023
Doors open at 8 PM
Concert starts at 9 PM

Opening: Snakeskin (Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal)
Followed by: june as


Pay as you like
Shared & limited seating
No reservations in advance
You can get those tickets on the same day of the event from Metro Al Madina starting 3pm.
The “Pay as you like” option is exclusively for locals and residents, in line with the current economic situation in the country.
We appreciate your support.

Buy your tickets in advance from Metro Al Madina, any Librairie Antoine branch or Online through Antoine’s online ticketing.
Fixed ticket prices. Seats are assigned by Metro. Tickets are non-refundable
Standing ticket: 13$
Seated ticket: 18$
Support bird(souvenir included): 50$- 100$
Payment according to the daily exchange rate is applicable
The following prices are for cash payments . Online payments include an added bank commission.
SANAM's music is a ritual where improvised rock, free jazz and noise underscore an exorcism of traditional Egyptian song and Arabic poetry. SANAM formed following an invitation to perform with Hans Joachim Irmler from the legendary German experimental group Faust, at Beirut's Irtijal music festival in 2021. Sandy Chamoun (vocals), Antonio Hajj (bass), Farah Kaddour (buzuk), Anthony Sahyoun (guitar, synth), Pascal Semerdjian (drums) and Marwan Tohme (guitars) bring a myriad of influences gleaned from years performing either solo or as members of influential acts in Beirut’s tight-knit independent music scene (such as Al Rahel al Kabir, Postcards, Kinematik and Oviid). Combining regional and local folklore and poetry with experimental forms of instrumental music are at the core of their Debut Album Aykathani Malakon which was DIY recorded in a traditional Lebanese house in Saqi Reshmaya, then mixed by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in My Heart).

Snakeskin (Julia Sabra and Fadi Tabbal)
Julia Sabra and Fadi Tabbal’s duo is visionary electronic dream pop, shapeshifting above ambient and industrial undercurrents. It is moody, unsettling, luminous – the culmination of a decade of collaboration and friendship between producer/musician/engineer Tabbal, and singer-songwriter/musician Sabra from indie trio Postcards.
Their debut album ‘Snakeskin’ was released on October 14, 2022, as part of the Corrosion Series –– a collaborative effort by Portland-based label Beacon Sound and Beirut-based label Ruptured. Sabra and Tabbal began working on the record in the aftermath of the August 2020 port explosion, composing their first track 'Roots' for the Ruptured-curated series The Drone Sessions.

june as
june is a Beirut based synthesist and DJ. Drawing on a strong connection between industry and vitality, june is steadily developing a peculiar approach to both his live and DJ sets, with a distinctive gritty flow and technique to pair, consistently weaving tales of a sort of resolute rapture. With a keen ear for the eerie and uncanny, june’s diggings have led into cavernous mixes and recordings, breaking patterned motion and eliciting a heightened sense of frequency.
His interest in sound synthesis and academic background have also led to endeavours in composing for film and theatre.
He co-founded Frequent Defect in 2016 alongside Patrik Abi Abdallah (h.w.g.a.), with Renata joining shortly after - and took on multiple roles among the mantles the collective shares. He has been an integral element in the latest resurgence in the local community, and works regularly alongside Jad Atoui, Try Harder and NÂR, as well as having performed live with the likes of the legendary Yo-yo Ma and renowned artists like Sharif Sehnaoui, Mazen Kerbaj, Jawad Nawfal (Munma) and Ziad Moukarzel among others.

Posters and records available for sale at the door. - Records: 20$
Design by Farah Fayyad

صنم - حفل إطلاق ألبوم أيقظني ملاكٌ في مترو المدينة

السبت 26 آب 2023
تفتح الأبواب الساعة 8 مساءً
تبدأ الحفلة الساعة 9 مساءً

افتتاح: جوليا صبرا وفادي طبّال
بعد الحفلة: دي جاي جون

ستتوفر الاسطوانات والملصقات على باب المسرح - (سعر الاسطوانة: 20$)
تصميم: فرح فيّاض

نظام البطاقات:
الخيار الأول:
البطاقات: قد ما بدك بتدفع
المقاعد: مشتركة ومحدودة
لا يوجد حجوزات مسبقة
يمكن الحصول على البطاقات من مترو المدينة خلال يوم العرض
ابتداء من الساعة 3

يُطبّق خيار "قد ما بدّك بتدفع" فقط على السكان المقيمين في لبنان تماشياً مع وضع البلاد الاقتصادي الحالي.
شكراً لتفهمكم ودعمكم

الخيار الثاني:
يمكنكم شراء البطاقات مسبقاً من مترو المدينة، جميع فروع مكتبة أنطوان ومن أنطوان أونلاين
تُحدّد الأماكن من قبل مترو والتذاكر غير قابلة للاسترداد.
بطاقة #1: 13$ (standing)
بطاقة #2: 18$ (seated)

بطاقة دعم (مع هدية من مترو): 50 دولار - 100 دولار
يمكنكم الدفع على سعر الصرف اليومي
الأسعار المذكورة للدفع النقدي. الدفع عبر الإنترنت يتضمن نسبة اضافية بسبب عمولة البنك.

مطبخنا قيد الانشاء. نقدّم المشروبات فقط في الوقت الحالي.


Metro Al Madina
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