Zoukak Theater Company is launching its Support Program for the third consecutive year, on Monday June 1 2015 at Metro Al Madina in Beirut. Support tickets are at 60 USD or more + benefits mentioned below.

The event features a performance and celebration where your support is essential to help the company sustain its activities and workspace. Supporters will enjoy the benefit of an invitation to a performance by Zoukak during the year, as well as reduced fees for numerous workshops and special events.

To read more about this membership, follow the link here: www.zoukak.org/membership

This year’s major event is a gathering for all of Zoukak’s friends and supporters who would like to continue their support to the company, or become a new supporter. By contributing with 60 USD or more, the supporters of Zoukak will have access to a special performance based on Zoukak’s “I Hate Theater, I Love Pornography”* which was developed in Norway and India and has not yet been shown in Lebanon. The evening of celebration will culminate with the opportunity to listen to some good music and dance the night away.
Thanks to our growing family of supporters, Zoukak is continuing to thrive and prosper!

is a theatre performance based on the “Enemy of The People” and “Pillars of Society” by Henrik Ibsen, which questions the contemporary tragedy of the individual.
“Imagine you are not in a theatre. Imagine this is not a performance. Imagine that those are not actors. Imagine that they are porn stars. Imagine the pleasure, imagine the pain…”

The performance will be followed by DJ الواد نعناع El Wad Na3Na3​
Stage manager: Lara Nassar
Stage technician: Nabil Abou el Heijaa

Metro Al Madina
Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2)
Instagram/Facebook/twitter: MetroAlMadina

Ticketing Phone: +961-76309363 (Mondays to Saturdays: 10 to 9 pm, Sundays: 2 to 9 pm)