Hello! We are currently closed and relocating to

Aresco in Hamra soon!

If you’d like to be part of the new metro:

About Metro

The Station

A friendly little bar we affectionately call "the metro station" is your first stop if you're early for an event or just looking to have a drink or a bite. It's also a place where loitering is allowed after main events!

We boast a rather complete spirits inventory and are cocky about our very engaging single malt offerings.

  • Open wifi
  • Opens daily from 7PM till midnight except on afterparty nights
  • Full bar and snacks

The Theatre

The theatre hall is where it all happens: concerts, plays, cabaret shows and all sorts of live events. The seating area is versatile and adaptable to the requirements of the event's audience. The levelled platforms can accommodate seating with chairs, couches and tables.

  • Open wifi
  • Full menu and bar
  • Opens for the daily shows

Contact us!


    Aresco Palace, Clémencau street, Beirut, Lebanon

    T: +961 (76) 309 363


    T: +961 (76) 309 363
    Mondays to Sundays: 2PM to 9PM