Time after time

Concert Sat, 11 May 2024
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Duration: 8 hours 35 minutes Doors Open: 8:00 PM Show Starts: 8:30 PM


Time After Time

A line-up you don’t want to miss!

Thirteenth Floor
Whisper in the Wind
Sane Sirens
Borrowed Time

Join us to celebrate the album release of the highly anticipated Borrowed Time Album

Band Descriptions:

Thirteenth Floor

Bron from V8 post apocalyptic engine roars, Thirteenth Flr is a Dark Synth group that basks in the sound of 80s sci-fi film scores and brings to life the story of an anti-hero looking for trouble. This is where metal and pop unite. This is the future.

Whisper in the Wind:

Whisper in the Wind is a metalcore band currently doing covers from the likes of Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Wage war, just to name a few. They debuted at an anime convention which is unprecedented in the Lebanese Metal Scene. The next step is to cement their place in the scene and to show everyone what they got because they’re here to stay.

Sane Sirens:

SaneSirens is a Lebanese Heavy Metal band with Melodic tunes. Their melodic riffs and soaring vocals are a sonic embodiment of the majestic mythological Siren. They are storytellers, transporting listeners to the battles that have shaped history, mythology, and our collective consciousness. When on stage, SaneSirens, known for their unique showmanship and energetic performances, exhibit distinctive patterns that see to it that the crowd goes absolutely wild and are kept on their toes for the rest of the night.


Prominentia are well-known for their overwhelmingly dominating performances, complimented by progressive elements of music. From orchestration, synths, melodies, breakdowns and extreme sections, there is no path uncharted for this band.

Borrowed Time:

Known for their brutal live shows and energetic performances, witness Borrowed Time live as they perform their debut album, “Though the Earth Gives Way.”

With their unique blend of progressive elements and metalcore intensity, they stand poised to redefine the genre.



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