Bar Farouk Repertoire

Bar Farouk revives the artistic scene of Beirut from the 30s to the 70s, from popular theatre to cabaret music and dance, through the works of icons who have marked the art scene before the civil war, such as Chouchou, Sabah, Ferial Karim and the poet Omar El Zeenni, amongst many.

11 musicians, singers, actors and dancers bring you back to this golden era where Beirut was at the avant-garde of the cultural and artistic life in the Middle-East.


Directed by Hisham Jaber


1.Ta’ Arrib (Come take a look)
Song originally written for the show by Hisham Jaber

This song invites the viewers to take a look at what was happening around Beirut in the 40’s and 50’s. The lyrics briefly describe how money was spent carelessly at the gold market “foot btotla’mantoof – go to the market and you’ll leave completely broke”, and how everything could be found in Beirut like Tarab music and belly dancers. This song introduces the characters of the show, from the strong macho men, the goofy sailors, to the beautiful and opinionated women…

2.Masharib (Drinks)
Song originally written for the show by Hisham Jaber

Masharib is a Mawwal, which is usually a type of vocal introduction to a song. In this case, Masharib is more or less used as an introduction to the whole show by setting the general mood. The vocalist cites different kinds of beverages previously and currently consumed in Beirut such as beer, date syrup and arak… Hookah and Hashish are mentioned amusingly as a relaxant for those who have heavy weight on their shoulders.


3.Mala El Kasat  (Fill the cups)
Credits unknown to us

This song is considered to be one of the famous old arabic stanzas . It talks about cups being filled with spiritual drinks by a beautiful lady who is watering the writer of this stanza.It describes the lady and how euphoric the setting is .

4.Haji Thour (Calm Down)
Originally performed by Sabah

This song is originally sung by Sabah, a musical icon in Lebanon. It adds a jolly feel to the show as its lyrics revolve around a woman advising her lover to let go of life’s troubles because she is in love with him.

5.Ah Ya Zein (Oh what beauty)
Credits unknown to us

This song was played in the movie Raqsat Al Wadaa’ in 1954 as the beautiful belly dancer and actress Samia Gamal moved to its tunes. It is mainly about complementing the beautiful woman by describing the way she moves and how she makes everyone happy when she dances.

6.Btendam (You will regret it)
Originally performed by Wadad

Wadad was a very strong female figure and one of the first women to challenge men through her songs. In this song, she warns her lover that he will absolutely regret it if he ever hurt her. She threatens him in a way, saying that she will show a different face of hers if he ever hurt her feelings.

7.Larkab Haddak (I will ride next to you)
Originally performed by Fahed Ballan

This song was originally sung by Fahed Ballan who was known to be a very manly performer. It talks about flying high in a jet plane next to the pilot, defying the wind and waving at the people down below.

8.Festan el-Harir (The Silk Dress)
Originally performed by Sabah

This song explains the harsh truth about love, which is that love requires money. It is also about the silk dress, worn by the singer and how uncomfortable it makes her feel because it keeps moving with the wind.

9.Kriza (Crisis)
Originally performed by Omar el Z'enni 

This song is written and performed by Omar el Z’enni who was known to be the people’s poet. It revolves around the times of crisis in the world and especially in Lebanon, where people would complain and worry about the future yet keep the clubs and movie theaters busy and full.

10.Settat Farouk (Farouk Ladies)
Originally written for the show by Hisham Jaber

This song is about the powerful women of Bar Farouk who claim that they are irreplaceable as they are in charge of everything, whether it’s raising the children or taking care of businesses.It narrates how women can take charge and be successful at it.



11.Badna Bahriya (We want Marines)
Originally performed by Omar el Z'eini

The great Lebanese artist Omar Zanni, was a critical popular poet, who singled out the sea and the sailors ’chants with his most beautiful songs, including this playful song (We Want Marines) which criticized the first head of state of Greater Lebanon, Charles Dabbas. After releasing the song, Omar was forced to leave his official job under political pressure, so he devoted himself entirely to artistic work. This song was passed to many generations and sung by famous singers in different versions

12.Sayer (Chatter)
Originally performed by Kahraman

"Sayer” is a song and could be more of a word of advice to a man who’s unsure of his actions around women. The lyrics tell him not to take everything so seriously, to go easy on life, to enjoy chit-chats ,and to mingle with women.

The upbeat rhythm of the song represents the cheerful advice in the lyrics.

13.Hebbina (Love us)
Originally performed by Farid el Atrach

Farid El Atrach is one of Egypt’s most well-known and successful musicians and actors of his time. He is also known as “The King of Oud” . This song is a testament of admiration to a woman he loves. The lyrics are courteous yet very direct, telling the woman that she’s beautiful and that she can ask for whatever she desires.

14.Tango El Amal (Tango of hope)
Originally performed by Nour El Houda

This song is originally sang by Nour El Houda in 1952 and it is considered one of her most beautiful songs. The words and melody are described by people to be from another world. The lyrics invite a distant lover to embrace all the passion and feelings before the end of youth and the death of love.


15.Beirut (Beirut)
Originally performed by Omar el Z'eini

Beirut is a recurring song in Bar Farouk, it is sung briefly a couple of times and then the third time all the artists sing it together. This song describes the city of Beirut back in the day where the common pleasures were just like those of today : Enjoy life, play card games, drink alcohol, and eat good food…

16.Wallahi Lakesho (I will shoo it!)
Originally performed by Taroub

Taroub is a well-known singer who made her way to stardom by joining the duo “Jamal & Taroub”.

In this song, Taroub threatens to shoo away her pet bird. She claims to have cared for the bird for a long time but now it seems to be misbehaving. In a way, the bird is a metaphor for the man she loves and so she talks about letting him go if he ever breaks her heart.

Originally performed by Taroub
18.Jesmak Labbis (You with the beautiful body)
Originally written for the show by Hisham Jaber

This song is mainly about desire, the lyrics are addressed to a man asking him to surprise her in the dark. The words of the song are provocative, witty and not very common in Lebanese music; the woman asks her lover to turn off the lights, cover her eyes ,and unhook her brassiere.

19.Es’al ‘alayi el Layl (Ask the night about me)
Originally performed by Samir Yazbeck

Samir Yazbeck sings to his childhood lover in this song. As they grew older, promises were broken and she had forgotten all about him. He talks about how they were in love and how he would write her name everywhere in the neighborhood. And so he tells her to ask for him when she comes  back so that she remembers their young love.

20.Sama Espania (Spanish Sky)
Originally performed by Melhem Barakat

The singer dedicates “Sama Espania” to a woman he met and fell in love with in Spain, which explains why he keeps saying Viva España! He talks about her beautiful hair, her beautiful eyes, and how they would stare very passionately at each other under the Spanish sky. Towards the end of the song, he asks the woman to go back home with him and tells her about the wonders of his hometown and how it’s very similar to Spain, hoping they wouldn’t have to part.

21.Lamma Bemshi ‘al Rasif (When I wander down the sidewalk)
Originally performed by Michka

“Lamma Bemshi ‘al Rasif” is a song about a woman walking down the sidewalk where everyone keeps staring at her. She sings about the men that she walks near and how they’re all fascinated by her. The fact that men look at her does not bother her, she mentions that she is a bit shy but says “whatever happens, happens”.

22.Setti Ya Khetyara (My Old Grandmother)
Originally performed by Taroub

This song is about a young woman asking her grandmother for a love advice. She tells her about her unconditional love for the man that she’s going out with and asks her what she should wear for their upcoming rendez-vous.

23.Ah Ya Em Hamada (Oh Um Hamada)
Originally performed by Mohammad Jamal

Mohammad Jamal sings about falling madly in love. He talks to Um Hamada asking her to make him some coffee and tells her how he fell in love and how obvious it is  to everyone around him.

24.Barrat el Bayt (Out of the house)
Originally performed by Ferial Karim

In this song, Ferial Karim sings about how her lover is always enthusiastic and happy when he’s out but claims to be tired and exhausted whenever he returns back home.

25.Habibi Ya Eini (My love)
Originally performed by Maya Yazbeck

“Habibi ya Eini” is a song dedicated to “Abu Samra”, a loved one. The lyrics celebrate the presence of this person and mention how when he’s away the singer misses him deeply but how when he’s around they’re all celebrating and dancing as if they were in heaven.

26.Shahhadin (Beggars)
Originally performed by Chouchou

Chouchou was a Lebanese comedian, actor and singer, who wrote songs and plays.

“Shahhadin” is a political satire from the play “Akh Ya Baladna”, singing about how the country is poor and corrupted and about how people feel as if they were beggars all the time. The government is to blame for all of the problems in the country and the singers loudly say that the ministers, deputies, and politicians are all for sale!


Cast & Crew:

Yasmina Fayed: Vocals | Actress

Ziad el Ahmadie: Vocals | Oud | Actor

Bahaa Daou: Percussions | Vocals | Actor

Ziad Jaafar: Violins | Vocals | Actor

Asmaa Araychi: Vocals | Actress

Samah Boul Mona: Accordion | Vocals | Actor

Mohammad Assaf: Vocals | Actor

Randa Makhoul: Dancer | Vocals | Actress

Lina Sahab: Vocals | Actress

Ahmad Khateeb: Vocals | Actor

Oussama El Khateeb: Double Bass & Electric bass l Actor

Hisham Jaber: Concept & Artistic director

Ziad el Ahmadie: Music arrangement

Nadim Saoma: Visuals designer

Alaa Minawi: Light designer

Wissam Dalati: Costume designer

Lara Nassar: Sound engineer

Sarah Nohra: Production manager

 Peter Fawaz: Assistant production

Farah Khoder: Sound technician

Iyad Cheikh: Light technician

Nour Abboud: Light operator

Bilal Imad: Stage technician

Lara Nohra: Marketing

Ali Rafei: Videography

Marjane Shatila: Social media

Georges Sawma: 3D artist

Carlo Moufarrej: 3D artist

Studio Kawakeb: Opening animation

Abed Chukri: Visuals operation

A Production of Metro Al Madina