Like no other cabaret in Beirut, like no metro station in the world

Metro Al Madina is an independent theatre company based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Founded by Hisham Jaber and a group of Theatre enthusiasts, Metro has produced a various amount of shows ranging from theatre performances, concerts and music shows to musicals, orchestras and cabarets.

Metro al Madina presents its highly addictive cabaret shows among other in-house productions, and hosts performances by guest acts from the local and regional scene.

We like to think we’re promoting a culture of diversity and openness.


Our goal is simple: provide a stage where all kinds of scenic arts can flourish, and  where the wide public is invited to choose from an extremely rich events agenda.

Whether you hand-pick your events like cherry or blindly dive in regularly to discover on the go, we will always seek to provide a warm and open environment.


  • Restore the soul, meaning and purpose of cabarets
  • Produce colorful and immersive musical shows
  • Provide rich and varied quality entertainment
  • Host with joy and pride the local independent scene
  • Encourage up-and-coming talents to perform in front of wider audiences
  • Favor social mixing

Built from rubble and ashes with love and hard work, we hope to see generations of artists set feet on our stage!