Bugge Wesseltoft from #Norway >> 9:30PM
The DnB project from #Lebanon >> 10:30PM
Since the early 1990’s, Bugge has made an impressive, truly post-modern transition from ECM Nordic jazz traditions, to forming his own exquisite label “jazzland”, creating a unique, fresh blend of “future jazz”. Which finds itself equally at home with fans of deep house, techno, ambient as well as traditional and experimental jazz purists.
In his own words, “There is no musician or artist in the world that is not inspired by others. However, the important thing is to let inspiration develop, to work towards finding unique means of personal expression”

These thoughts have led Bugge to work and take part in a lot of collaborations, one of them OK World, who performed in Beirut in September 2012.

The talented bass player Elie Afif Jazz, will be performing with Bugge as a special guest.
Liliane Chlela: electronics
Bashar Farran: bass
Fouad Afra: drums

Chlela, Farran and Afra take drum ’n’ bass to a whole new level with a unique fusion of electro-acoustic sound palettes that merge a wide spectrum of genres including jungle, dub, hardcore and reggae.

The trio is nothing short of exceptional and experimental when performing their improvised set live, making them one of the most original acts to rise from Lebanese soil.

Versatile, distinctive and entertaining, this talented collective are well-known for inviting guest performers to participate in their improvised performances –an unpredictable choice of vocalists, rappers and instrumentalists from a variety of musical backgrounds and cultures. The result? A refreshingly different sound at each and every performance.

Ticket: 25.000 L.L

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