Burlesque Clown:
An invitation for overcoming the fears that blocks us from being fully present in the Here and Now.
There is a clown living in each one of us, a naive human character that seeks attention, love to play and, above all, want to be honest about who he/she is while enjoying the here and now. Often our inner clown hides in vulnerable spots that we don't really like to reveal. In the workshop we dive deeper to find these places of ridiculous fears, silly dislikes and astonishing fantasies to release the grotesque talent ready to amaze.

About the workshop:
Through the use of assorted games, physical activities, improvisation and performance, each participant will find his/hers comic simplicity, innocence and logic, which are the key ingredients of the unique clown path.
We will seek ones inner clown through play and everyone's own physicality. In the first part of the day, we do physical exercises to introduce our bodies to the means of physical theater. In the later session we will go more specific into clowning, discovering our clown playing through improvised tasks.
We will start from the basics and then continue towards everyone’s own individual burlesque style. In the end of the workshop we will show case small acts to our friends and family and see Janna’s “Clown Britta goes Burlesque” -solo.

Bring along:
Clothes you can easily move in, snacks for the break, mat to sit/warm up on and an open joyful mind willing to embrace your own stupidity!

Workshops days:
Thursday 31st July: From 12 till 6pm
Friday 1st August: From 12 till 6pm
Saturday 2nd August: From 12 till 6pm
Monday 4th August: From 2 till 6pm

The workshop will result in a show on Metro's stage on Monday 4th August at 9:30 pm
Free entrance

To subscribe, please send an email to assil.ayyash@gmail.com
Fee for the whole workshop + show: 200$

About clowning
Clownery - the praise of folly, is thousands of years old art form that has evolved and lived alongside humankind from ancient Greece to "commedia dell`arte" towards today's modern street and theater clowning.

There is a clown living in each one of us, a naive human character that seeks attention, love to play and, above all, want to be honest about who he/she is while enjoying the here and now. Often our inner clown hides in vulnerable spots that we don't really like to reveal.
One can rarely define his inner clown in advance. For example if the audience laughs when we get angry, we are sad, confused or very serious while trying our best, we have to adapt to our own stupidity. It's all about enjoying.
The clown's eyes, enhanced by the classic red nose, are the most important element. They shine child's joy, "le jeu", our inner humanity, as well as the need to be loved by the audience. Clown is born in front and for an audience, without it there is no clown.

Clownery in a nutshell: naive play in the here and now, when the eyes are shining for joy!

About Janna Haavisto:

Janna started clowning 2003 and has since then actively deepened her knowledge in the genre. Often performers find one inner clown with whom they perform and this clown can play different characters. Janna play not only with one but three clowns who all have their own mentality hence the different physique. Of course all these clowns share similarities because they are all part of Janna´s stupidity but the starting point is very different. In her clowning solos Janna also works with gender issues and sexuality. Some find it a taboo but Janna thinks that as all humans have sexuality, so has a naive clown. There for Janna has developed a new style called clown burlesque. However in her teaching Janna starts with the basics and finds everybody´s own individual Clown who she encourages to find his/hers own unique path.

Freelancer in the field of performing arts, performer, director and a teacher specialized in physical theater and character work. Master's studies in physical comedy at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2010 (truly an academic clown).
BA in 2007 in Circus Arts from Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences. In addition to that, she is featured in several TV shows and films and works as a voice actress and a presenter. She started performing as a child back in 1987 in Turku Summer Theatre and have since then actively followed her dream by working and educating herself in the theatrical field :Ecole Philippe Gaulier (Paris), Chekhov Studies VSMU (Bratislava Slovakia), Moving Stage Lab (Copenhagen), Turku City Theatre, Lahti City Theater, YLE (Finland's national public service broadcasting company), Clowning festival (Vienna), Evergreen productions (Ireland) and Cirque du Soleil to name but a few. Also both Finland’s and Sweden’s Clowns Without Borders activities are dear to her heart, and she has been touring with them in Moldova, Burma and India.
Check out her website: jannahaavisto.com

Clown Britta goes Burlesque
Super neurotic clown Britta changes her life for a split second. In the spirit of Burlesque, Britta releases her inner disco-queen, and the glitter of gold can not be avoided! The makeover reveals new Britta, a clown to whose naivety we all can identify with.

The show is a new genre called burlesque-clownery, which brings out the human sexuality, and the need to be exposed. This groundbreaking solo clown has a fun way to combine burlesque and clowning. Britta has performed in Finnish and foreign festivals all over the world. Britta’s speaks across language boundaries throughout her physical expression and the viewers are drawn into the world of physical comedy.

Assistant Director and Choreographer: KimmoAlakunnas

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