An exhilarating show that combines electronic, indie music, and vocal samples to create a false nostalgia of a future that never existed.

Karl Bourj : Guitar and Synths
Bach: Bass and Synth
Hanna: Drums

Karl Bourj is a passionate musician and filmmaker based in Beirut. He has composed music and sound-designed plays and award-winning films. He collaborated with Amr Selim to create the experimental music duo “Borj Selim.” The collaboration gave birth to their first duo EP “أسبوع من أبريل 19.” Currently, Karl is pursuing his career as a solo musician. He released his first solo EP “Songs from a Room, Vol.1” in 2020, a mismatch of experiments recorded in Karl’s room during the COVID-19 global pandemic, followed by his debut album release of "Distorted Notions" in 2021. The album is an experimental, innate piece that pays tribute to the humans of Lebanon who are swimming along the current, accompanied by the sound of waves as they fold and unfold. The second track “If We Swim in the Same Sea” was released as a single and it consists of “voice notes between people who are in Lebanon and people abroad...a sample of what most Lebanese people have to go through because of the lack of a functioning government.”

Check out Karl's work:

Thursday 24 February 2022
Doors open at 8:30 PM
Event starts at 9:00 PM

- Seats are limited
- Booking in advance is required
- Reserved tickets must be picked up from Metro Al Madina an hour before the event otherwise they are automatically canceled.
Supported by Beirut Music Initiative
You can always donate to the Beirut Music Support Initiative on

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