Wednesday 22 January 2020
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Concert starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: Pay as you like
Seats: Open seating
No reservations in advance
Half Seated Half Standing - First come first sit
1st act:
Frédéric D. Oberland & Grégory Dargent w/ Guests Sharif Sehnaoui, Tony Elieh, Jad Atoui

Starting together some research around the Mediterranean sea, Frédéric D. Oberland (OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE, FOUDRE!, Le Réveil des Tropiques // Sun/Sun Editions) & Grégory Dargent (H, L’Hijâz’Car, L’Electrik Gem, BABX // Saturne Editions), both musicians & photographers, will improvise together some new cosmic odyssey with three of the finest troublemakers from Beirut's experimental scene.

Grégory Dargent: guitar, oud
Frédéric D. Oberland: guitar, alto sax
Jad Atoui: electronics
Tony Elieh: bass
Sharif Sehnaoui: guitar

2nd act:
BUSHWAC:(Steve Buchanan and Paed Conca)
Bushwac is the present manifestation of 28 year collaboration between Paed Conca and Steve Buchanan. In August 2007, they were able to record a long overdue cd, “The Road That White Men
Tread“. An intriguing mix of breakbeat, microtonal reeds and expressive text. The music of the cd delivers a clear message, both, aesthetically and politically. As well the music is quite representative
of the myriad influences which have inspired them. An important component is the use of dance as an integral part of the groups concept and sound. This happens via the dance instrument 2ND LINE, created by Steve Buchanan. Another important part of the groups music is the strong wish to avoid the cliche statis and ghettoizing tendency of much contemporary and improvised music. The cd is a fine use of many diverse elements, influences and genres which form an intelligent and cohesive whole. Round two from 2010 was „Fight! And if you can‘t fight, kick! If you can‘t kick, bite!“.
The tracks from this release musically linked to the first album, but they had a more minimal and direct concept. Continuing with the use, or let‘s say abuse, of literary and political texts, they create
a special and unique dance music. The musical and political citation bring them close to the original ideas of hip-hop, but in a more noisy and strange way.

Stepper Live is an inter-disciplinary trans rhythmic art form.
Stepper has mesmerized people worldwide.
He makes dance from music, and music from dance,
this is achieved by dancing on his self-designed Reflective Data Tranz Danz Floor, by which music and dance create each other simultaneously.
A visual and audio feast for the rhythms of the hands and feet,
Duration: 30/45 mins. Stepper travels from dance floor to trance floor, no beat, break beat, electro afro, Indian spin, drone, industrial, ethno, jazz, swing, BPM machine, Hoodoo Vodoo, and all between,
Stepper: DJ as Dancer, Dancer as DJ, vinyl and turntables not necessary, StePPer is the beat.

Followed by DJ Ziad Nawfal
The “Pay as you want” is applicable for locals and residents, in line with the current economic situation in the country.
For non-residents, minimum ticket price is 25,000 L.L.
We appreciate your support.