Metro al Madina presents a Light Design workshop with alaa minawi.

The workshop aims to have a better knowledge in lighting design for theatre and other live performances, its importance in the creation process, and some clues in how the lighting design is approached conceptually and practically. By the end of the workshop the participants should be able to apply a light design concept in some of Metro al Madina's events

About alaa minawi:
Visual artist since 2006, alaa has worked in more than 200 performances in Lebanon and the Arab world as a lighting designer, technical director, and performer. He collaborated with many renowned artists as Robert Wilson, Jawad Al Assadi, Andrey Barteniv, Rafic Ali Ahmad, Hiba Qawwass, Rima Khcheich, Kamilya Jubran, Tania Saleh, Nagy Souraty, Lina Abyad, Adonis and others.
He participated in several local and international theatre workshops and joined many festivals in Kuwait, UAE , Bahrain, Qatar, and USA.
Alaa has a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University and has a certificate to train in lighting design from RADA (Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts) after attending lighting design training of trainees workshop in light design in 2009.
In 2013, alaa launched "beyond myself…"; a light installation that was premiered in the Amsterdam Light Festival.
In 2014, alaa will present another light installation "my light is your light..."

Official page:

Target Applicants:
The Applicants are preferred to have an experience, or at least interest, in theatre or any other kind of live performances. It also targets graphic designers/ architects/ animator who are interested in perceiving light in real life to help them simulate in in their virtual designs.

To subscribe, please send your CV to

Workshop Duration:
Friday 3rd (4 to 7pm) - Saturday 4th (4 to 7pm)
Friday 10th (4 to 7pm) - Saturday 11th (4 to 7pm)
Friday 17th (4 to 7pm) - Saturday 18th (4 to 7pm)
Saturday 25th (12 to 3pm) - Sunday 26th (12 to 3pm)

In addition to 10 hours where the participants will apply light designs in live events at Metro.

Workshop Details:
The Workshop will be in two forms; theoretical and practical:

The Theoretical form:
The history of lighting design in theatre, how it started and evolved. Explaining the kinds of light projectors and the difference between them. Talking about the ways a director would think in dealing with lights, the interaction between the director and the lighting designer in the creation process, Getting texts, music, paintings and thinking of them in terms of lights.

The Practical form:
Demonstrating the light projectors
Each applicant or group of applicants will have time to do a small lighting design project.

250$ for the whole workshop and 150$ for students.
Payment mode facilitation.