Tanjaret Daghet and Zeid & The Wings performing together in support of Skoun!

Tanjaret Daghet:

From the heart of Syria, from the soul of authentic towns across the country, from the epicenter of a struggle, three musicians come together with one mission… it is ‘Tanjaret Daghet’.
‘Tanjaret Daghet’, which came to life in 2008, is the brainchild of the lead singer and bass player Khaled Omran. One metamorphosis after another, the band stands at what it is today. Composed of three musicians, Tarek Khoulouki, guitarist and backing vocalist, Dany Shukri, the drummer, and of course, Khaled Omran, ‘Tanjaret Daghet’ is an expression of everything they have experienced, that has been stored within their psyche.

The Music:
“Tight and strong, a nuanced power trio referencing Pink Floyd, Nirvana and The Police with Arab language vocals that are distinctive floating dreamingly spitting panic or howling rage. The total effect decidedly original, a sterling example of Arab rock.”

Zeid and The Wings:

Zeid and the Wings are a project by Zeid Hamdan; singer, songwriter,musician, and pioneer of the underground music scene. Zeid is most known for previous projects including Soapkills, and The New Government. He is behind the website www.lebaneseunderground.com that often features some of the most interesting projects on the Arab music scene.
Zeid’s latest venture, Zeid and the Wings, are an eclectic group of
musicians and singers that came together gradually over the last years.
Today the band tours withDany Shukri on drums ,Tarek Khoulouki on keyboards , Khaled Omran on Bass ,Carl Fernaineh on Keyboards and vocals.

The Music:
It is hard to define Zeid and the Wings’ repertoire as any one genre. Theband is known for producing Arabic folk , reggae , rock and electro songswith an edge thanks to the blending of harmonic vocals with innovativebeats , their style delights many tastes and alienates none.

Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center

Skoun is a non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2003 and specialized in the treatment of substance use and other types of addiction. We offer our services free of charge to over 350 patients per year at our centers located in Achrafieh and Chiayh.
We are also very active in the field of drug prevention with a dedicated team implementing awareness and informational sessions in schools, universities and communities and reaching out to over 3000 young individuals throughout the year.
In parallel to its work on treatment and prevention level, Skoun has a advocacy department that is strives towards preserving drug users basic human and legal rights ensuring that people with drug problems get the legal and therapeutic aid they need.

*All proceeds from this event will go to support Skoun’s acivities.

Doors open at 9:30 pm, performance starts at 10:00 pm
Tickets:25.000 L.L.
Sold at Metro and at Skoun (01-202714)

Metro Al Madina
(Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2
Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram: Metro Al Madina
e-mail: metromadina@gmail.com or info@metromadina.com
Website: www.metromadina.com
Ticketing Phone: +961-76309363 from 12 till 9 :00 pm