"TANJARET DAGHET" is rocking Metro Al Madina on the 2nd of February 2016!
Madinat will be opening band for the evening!
Madinat :
Madinat is a new addition to the growing rock scene in Beirut, Lebanon. A band of four young men - telling tales through sound & music. The city's lows harmonize with high times beautifully…resonating in their daily lives.
Fast-forward a couple of cabs & some embarrassing bar tabs - the Band are in the midst of recording their debut album to be released in 2016 - produced by local heavy hitter and frontman of Lazzy Lung, engineered and recorded at Guerrilla Music Productions.
Though they always feel the end is near - This is only the beginning.
About طنجرة ضغط - Tanjaret Daghet
The band:
In a time of turmoil around the world, three musicians come together with one mission…TANJARET DAGHET
‘Tanjaret Daghet’ is derived from the Arabic term for a pressure pot, which in essence, expresses the sentiment on a social level which the youth of the world are facing at this very moment.
‘Tanjaret Daghet’, which came to life in 2008, is the brainchild of the lead singer and bass player Khaled Omran. One metamorphosis after another, the band stands at what it is today. Composed of three musicians, Tarek Khoulouki, guitarist and backing vocalist, Dany Shukri, the drummer, and of course, Khaled Omran, ‘Tanjaret Daghet’ is an expression of everything they have experienced, that has been stored within their psyche.
For more:
Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Doors open at 9:30 PM
Concert starts at 10 PM
Ticket: 10$
Seats are assigned by Metro
Jawad Chaaban: sound engineer
Lara Nassar: Light operator and Stage manager
Stage technician & Light Operator: Nabil Abou el Heijaa
Metro Al Madina
(Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2
Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram: Metro Al Madina
e-mail: metromadina@gmail.com or info@metromadina.com
Website: www.metromadina.com
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ًWheelchair access available upon request