Toufic Farroukh Quartet LIVE At Metro Al Madina

Leandro Aconcha Piano
Marc Buronfosse Double Bass
Arnaud Biscay Drums
Toufic Farroukh Saxophones & Compositions

Mardi 30 et Mercredi 31 octobre 2018 à 21h.
Doors open at 9:00 PM
Concert starts at 9:30 PM
Ticket: 25$
20% Students Discount ( upon showing their ID)

En tant que musicien, je fuis les tentatives d’étiquetage ou de recherche de traçabilité et d’identité. On l’oublie parfois, mais c’est bien l’usage qui fait la langue, donc ce sont les artistes actuels qui dessinent le présent. Certains marqueront l’histoire, d’autres les présents, ou les deux, d’autres encore sombreront dans l’oubli pour réapparaître plus tard.
Toufic Farroukh

About Toufic Farroukh:

The new album of Toufic Farroukh, “Villes Invisbles” is leaded by the art of conversation. It is a dialogue inhabited by otherworldly dreams, where men and women would be able to live in the harmony of cities, which have finally become pacified. The musician wants to talk to a both violent and sweet, shimmering city. This was already his point in the 2012 “Cinéma Beyrouth” album, where he celebrated the birthplace he had to leave at the beginning of the 80s to settle in Paris.
Toufic Farroukh is the inspirational leader to the open repertoire of balanced band and leaves his saxophones sing in one voice with the other instruments, without ever trying to have the last word for himself or even to yield to the temptation of a solitary exercise. It will never be repeated enough: “if conversation is an art, Farroukh is his staunch admirer and humble servant”.
Denis Desassis 2017

Toufic Farroukh ”The Architect of Imagination” is a saxophone player, composer, producer & a music teacher at the CRR de Paris. Since the 90s Farroukh participated in many prestigious festivals from Europe to the Middle East. (Festival esprit jazz à Saint Germain des Près-paris ; Tanger jazz Festival Maroc ; Festival de jazz sur son 31- Toulouse ; Festival international de Beiteddine-Liban ; Dubaï jazz festival- Dubaï ; Institue du Monde Arabe à Paris ; Auditorium du Louvre à Paris ; MuCEM à Marseille ; New Morning à Paris) Farroukh has also produced many music for different films and contemporary dance.
Composed, arranged & Produced by Toufic Farroukh
- “Villes Invisibles” (Hot8 / L’autre Distrubition)2017
- "Cinéma Beyrouth" (Enja/ Harmonia Mundi) 2012
- "Tootya" (O+ / Harmonia Mundi)2006
- "Drab Zeen" (CND / Harmonia Mundi) 2002
- "Little Secrets" (Auvidis/ Naïve) 1998
- "Ali on Broadway " (CND / Harmonia Mundi) 1994